Finding Adventures Everywhere

A gorgeous mountain range I’ll likely never visit…

I love traveling and going on adventures. However, as a mother of three (at the moment, my youngest is under two), I often get discouraged by all the things I can’t do, or the places I can’t go. Having to pack a menagerie of little kid items significantly reduces your mobility, and the prospect of an exotic trek across India quickly becomes a question of: “Where are we going to be able to change diapers?” Not that it can’t be done, and certainly many families embark on such epic travels, but having small children requires extra planning, space, and often, money. 

But then I realized that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or go across the world to have an adventure. Sometimes it’s just going to the store or meeting someone new or discovering a different place or doing some service. And vacations don’t have to be long and exorbitant to be meaningful. The reason we go on vacations is to remove ourselves from daily life, spend quality time together, be present, and have new experiences. You can find opportunities to do that everyday. 

Now I try to focus on what I can do, and what is possible. I plan small adventures and enjoy spontaneous adventures as they come. I try to find adventures everywhere.

Where do you find adventures?


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