Going to “the Beach” in Colorado

Sadly, Colorado is a land-locked state, and the nearest beach is about a 15 hour drive. So, whenever we go to a reservoir or a lake, my kids affectionally call it “the beach.”

Our ”beach“ of choice is Chatfield Reservoir in Littleton, Colorado. I like to go when it’s not crowded, so sometimes we visit on a warm day in March or October. The water is usually freezing, but most of the time my kids are just content putting their feet in or playing in the sand. There are also plenty of occasions that we go in the summer.

They love to watch the geese (which are plentiful), until they get too close and start going after their snacks. Then they run away. But I can imagine that having a bird that’s almost as big as you waddling rapidly in your direction would be a tad alarming.

It’s all fun and games until the geese come after your food…

When we go during the summer it is often so hot and the sun is so strong that even with swimming and splashing in the cool water we’re ready to go after just a short time. But when you make the drive there and haul all your stuff and get your suits on and walk the very long distance from the parking lot down to the shore, you want the trip to be worthwhile. So I ended up buying a pop-up beach tent, and it has seriously been one of the best purchases I have ever made. It’s so portable, so easy to put up and take down, and it has significantly enhanced our trips to the reservoir.

My kids also use this tent in the backyard, on the deck, or sometimes just set it up in the house when they want a change of scenery or a little hideout.

This great pop-up beach tent has multiple uses.

Overall, with the water and the tent and the opportunity to play in a massive sandbox, the “beach” has become one of our favorite places to have adventures.

What are your favorite substitutes for the beach?

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