We seem to get a lot of wind where we are, which makes me irritable and sometimes keeps me up at night, but it also gives us ample opportunities to fly kites!

Just can’t get enough of that blue sky…

Kite flying is truly one of my favorite pastimes. I feel a primal joy when I get a kite in the air, and nothing can quite channel my inner child like watching a kite soar. Whenever I ask my kids if they want to fly kites, what I’m really asking is if they’ll stand next to me while I fly a kite so it can look like I’m teaching them and not like I’m some weird adult flying a kite at the park by myself and neglecting my kids. But they’ve learned to love flying kites too. And I’ve learned to love running after kites when my kids lose their grip on the handle. It’s great exercise.

I usually buy the cheap plastic kites because they’re so easy to get up in the air and they can be put together and taken apart easily. I just keep them in the trunk of my car so we can use them if the wind suddenly picks up and we fancy a good kite flying session. The downfall of these kites is that they’ll fall apart in strong winds. So I finally bought a nylon kite that’s a bit sturdier, even if it takes a bit longer to put together. It has been amazing.

Grocery bags + a string = hours of fun

Another fun kite activity we do often is just making kites out of plastic grocery bags. You just tie a string to the handles and voila, you’ve got an instant kite. It’ll fly in the slightest breeze, and it’s one of the cheapest forms of entertainment you’ll ever come across.

What are your favorite wind activities? (And no, “breaking wind” doesn’t count.)

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