Goat Hike

Why go on a regular hike when you can hike with goats? My children have informed me that walking is boring, and it’s only worth it if we’re walking to someplace exciting, like the park, or doing something fun while we walk. Hence the hike with goats.

This goat hike was offered through a neighborhood community program in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I actually found a goat hike on Airbnb experiences in Boulder, CO, but his one was much cheaper. We were joined by about 20 others and met in a farm area where we got to observe and interact with goats, chickens, and ducks. The hike itself was half a mile to the picnic spot, which was perfect for my kids. The goats plodded along with us held by leashes, which was a little odd, but I suppose better than the alternative of letting them run wild and get lost.

Stopped to eat lunch on a log. We made sure to keep our food away from the goats.

We had a lovely picnic on some logs, then headed back. My kids went through moments of chasing goats and being chased by goats, which made the walk a lot more exciting. That and the beautiful scenery made this excursion completely worthwhile.


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